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Lakeside's service area has a wide variety of rental housing opportunities. Our rental program works to help individual homeseekers locate and secure quality rental housing within our service area that is safe, decent, and affordable. We do this through education, individual counseling, outreach, and collaborations with landlords and real estate professionals who are critically important as the primary suppliers of rental housing opportunities.

Lakeside’s counselors can:

  •  Engage in individual counseling. These sessions are conducted face-to-face at our offices. If you are in need of individual rental housing. counseling, please use our online request form to submit your question. A member of our staff will then contact you.
  •  Provide information on subsidized and non-subsidized apartment, including listings.
  •  Help you conduct a housing search using online and print resources.
  •  Provide information on applying for an apartment, move-in checklists, and help to negotiate a lease.
  •  Resolve landlord-tenant disputes.
  •  Provide information on rental assistance programs, including how to apply for cash assistance and locate homeless prevention services.
  •  Work with you to improve your credit and money management skills.

Lakeside does not currently manage apartments of its own, but it does maintain relationships with many property management firms and apartment search companies. These companies will provide Lakeside with information on available apartments. Landlords will also post information on available units on Lakeside's website.

For more information on our rental housing services, please call (773) 381-5253.


Last updated on 12/2013

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